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Green Fair

The Kent RSC’s Green Fair is a unique experience we are bringing in the Kent Region. We see this event as a celebration of responsible environmental practices aimed to educate and encourage people of all ages to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Green Fairs allow participants to visualize how their seemingly insignificant individual efforts can make a different in their community. The Green Fair will showcase exhibits and demonstrations related to all kinds of green initiatives offered by exhibitors from across the province.
The Green Fair will first be open for school visits in the morning, with more than 800 students expected to attend. We will than be open to the general public from 2:30 to 7:00 PM at the Bouctouche’s JK Irving Centre – 30 Evangeline street. There is no admission fees and everyone gets the chance to win a composter, a digester and more door prizes.


This event is made possible by the financial contribution of the Province of New Brunswick’s Environmental Trust Fund.