Planning Services

Covid-19 impacts on services

  • People can drop off their documentations for building permits, subdivisions and such at our offices. The drop boxes are available at the following times:
    • BOUCTOUCHE (104-1 Irving blvd) | Monday-Thursday 8:30 am to noon. Call 1-506-743-1490 (or toll-free 1-855-588-1125).
    • RICHIBUCTO (25-145 Cartier blvd) | Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 am to noon. Call 1-506-523-1820.
  • Your requests will be treated following an order of priority. Expect delays! New measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of our employees and our customers. Please respect them!


The powers and responsibilities of the RSC6 with respect to land use planning and building services, are outlined under the Regional Service Delivery Act (sections 24 & 25) and the Community Planning Act. Currently, the RSC6  provides land use planning and building services to the Village of St-Antoine, St-Louis, Rexton, Rogersville and the Town’s of Bouctouche and Richibucto. In the unincorporated area’s, building and subdivision services are provided.

These services include:

•    Issuing building and development permits;

•    Inspection of new development, buildings or construction;

•    Development and administration of Rural Plans;

•    Processing land use applications and approving subdivisions; and

•    Providing planning, building, and development support and advice to the general public, community stakeholders, the Planning Review Advisory Committee, various provincial departments, and the Minister of Environment & Local Government.