Construction (building permits)

Building permits application

Building permits are required throughout the province and are essential in protecting the property owner as well as the community by ensuring that new developments are in conformity with applicable regulations, local by-laws and the National Building Code of Canada.

NOTE: Building permits are mandatory for all work on a new building or structure and for the relocation, alteration, demolition, or replacement of an existing building or structure. Changes in the use of a building or land may also require a permit.

What information is required?

  • P.I.D. (Property Identification number) found on your tax bill.
  • Complete set of plans, to scale.
  • Estimated cost of project.
  • Approvals from:
  1.  The Department of Health (sewage system)
  2. The Department of Transportation (setback/access permits)
  3. The Department of Environment (if within 30 meters of a watercourse or involves wetlands).
  • Commercial, industrial or public buildings may need other approvals ( Office of the Fire Marshall, etc…).
  • Any other requirements to certify conformity or approvals from other government agencies ( verefy with our building inspector).

Notifications to the Building Inspector

  1.  Give notice 48 hours before starting work.
  2.  48 hours fefore back-filling.
  3. Notice of completion of structural work (72 hours before installation of interior finish).
  4.   Notice of complition of work as stated in the building permit (within 10 days of completion).
  5. Any other such information required by the building inspector.

Other Contacts:

Our Inspectors

Vincent Daigle

Building Inspector / Level 3

(506) 523-1820


Jules Leger

Building Inspector / Level 3

(506) 743-1490


Download a copy of the Building permit form: Building Permit Application form