Used Tire Recycling

For the past few years, Kent County residents can recycle their used tires through the Tire Stewardship Program (TSP). This program is managed by Recycle NB and is offered throughout the province. The tires are picked up by the Tire Recycling Atlantic Canada Corporation (TRACC) and taken to its recycling facilities in Minto.

Used tires can be dropped off where tires are sold. We recommend to limit the quantity of tires brought to these locations to five (5) at a time.  Please remove the rims from the tires before dropping them off.

Since the start of the TSP program in 1996, more than 11.5 million tires have been recycled in New Brunswick.

Here are a few examples of products made from recycled tires:

  • Bedding for cattle
  • Roof shingles
  • Synthetic bark mulch
  • Rubber carpets
  • Remoulded tires sold on the international market

For more information on products made from recycled tires, please call TRACC at 1-888-628-7222