By-Law Enforcement

The KRSC signed an agreement with Eastern Safety Services NB Ltd. The firm will offer development enforcement services for rural plans as well as municipal by-law enforcement services for the municipalities of Bouctouche, Cocagne, Rexton, Richibucto, Rogersville, Saint-Antoine and Saint-Louis-de-Kent.

Eastern Safety Service NB Ltd has therefore allocated two officers to the Kent region: Officers Hudson and Nowlan. They were appointed to the KRSC and the respective municipalities according to the Police Act, the Local Governance Act and the Community Planning Act. The officers are bilingual and are proud to be serving the residents of the Kent region.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a By-Law Enforcement Officer?

A duly appointed By-Law Enforcement Officer is a person appointed by a Local Government that is charged with the enforcement of By-Laws and Regulations enacted by that entity. A By-Law Enforcement Officer in New Brunswick is appointed under Section 72 of the Local Governance Act and can also be appointed under Section 14(3) of the Police Act. By-Law Officers are also normally appointed under the Community Planning Act.

Officers are responsible for providing active education to the population to ensure compliance and enforcement of municipal by-laws and regulations. By-Law Enforcement Officers DO NOT enforce speeding. Enforcement of speeding under the Motor Vehicle Act falls under the jurisdiction of the local Police Agency (RCMP) and the Department of Justice and Public Safety.

What services do they provide in Municipalities?

Our agents were appointed as By-Law Enforcement Officers in our 7 municipalities (Bouctouche, Cocagne, Rexton, Richibucto, Rogersville, St-Antoine & St-Louis-de-Kent) to enforce each municipality’s by-laws. Each municipality has its own by-laws and priorities when it comes to which one they want to enforce at a given moment. Our officers can be contacted for issues such as, but not limited to, the ones listed below:

  • Unsightly premises
  • Properties causing public safety concerns (pools without fences, unsafe structures, etc.)
  • Animals
  • Fire
  • Construction/Demolition without a proper permit
  • Improper land usage according to existing zoning

What services do they provide in Local Service Districts?

In Local Service Districts (LSD), our agents were appointed as development enforcement officers. Their role in those unincorporated communities is to make sure the public is following construction and development rules. They can be contacted for issues such as, but not limited to, the ones listed below:

  • Construction/Demolition without a proper permit
  • Improper land usage (in regions where a rural plan is in place)

For animal control questions, contact the NB SPCA at 1-877-722-1522.

For unsightly or unsafe premises, contact the Department of Environment and Local Government at 1-506-453-2690.

I have a problem that I think should be brought to the attention of a By-Law Enforcement Officer, how do I contact them?


If you reside within the limit of a municipality, first contact your town hall, they may be able to immediately assist you. If that situation needs to be redirected to one of our By-Law Enforcement Officers, municipal staff will gather your information and send it our way.

Local Service Districts

If you live outside of a municipality, make sure your issue falls under their authority by visiting the section above. If this is a case they are dealing with, you can contact the Enforcement Officers by calling the KSRC Bouctouche office at 506-743-1490 (toll free 1-855-588-1125) or sent an email to